Unsung Heroes is a digital media and community engagement platform that promotes appreciation for service workers who are often overlooked. 



We partner with colleges & universities to promote a culture of appreciation on campus, by highlighting their unique contributions to the community and sharing their stories of humanity.


Our mission is to unify communities by sharing stories of humanity.


In February 2015, Febin Bellamy, a student at Georgetown University, struck up conversations with one of the custodians, Oneil Batchelor, during his late night study sessions in the business school. The two men bonded immediately. 


They found themselves spending hours talking about politics, history, music, and about their dreams of wanting to be entrepreneurs. Oneil mentioned that many people would walk past him in the hallways as if he was invisible. 


After learning Oneil's personal story, Febin interviewed over 100 campus workers and learned about their personal stories, hopes, struggles, dreams, and how each of them played a special role in keeping the school running behind-the-scenes. 


In April 2016, he launched Unsung Heroes to share their stories with the Georgetown community in hopes of bridging the divide between students and workers by highlighting their shared humanity.


To date, we've crowdfunded over $10,000 to help our unsung heroes achieve life-long dreams. 



Through our platform, a janitor launched his own catering business; a dining hall worker reunited with his family after years of separation; a cafeteria worker went on her dream vacation to Disney World, and a bus driver shared his singing talents with over 100,000 people including Steve Harvey. 



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Febin Bellamy

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- Custodian at Carnegie Mellon University

“I know that students are there for an education and they don’t have much time for small talk, which is why I try to say, good morning as much as a can. It’s not much, but it’s the thought and kind greeting that can make a difference! This needs to spread around to other colleges and universities!”


- Mary Scullion, TIME's 100 most influential people

“A powerful example of personal responsibility coupled with tenderness.”


- Parent, Washington University in St. Louis

“The posts in this series are the favorite media I read out of WashU. It assures me that there are incredible people looking out for my son.”

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