"One time I was taking out the trash in New North, and I saw three girls walking towards Healy Hall. Two of the girls were carrying the other 1 in the middle – I could tell that she was severely intoxicated. 

I noticed that there were 3 boys following them from a distance and they were walking real slow. They were acting really suspicious and I could tell that they didn't go here. So when the girls walked by me, I called them over and had them sit next with me for a few minutes. 

When the boys saw that, they went by the walkway near White Gravenor and just stared at us. It looked like they had something up their sleeves. So I called DPS and when the boys saw them coming, they ran down the steps and left campus. 

One of the girls came back the next day with tears in her eyes. She hugged me really tight and said thank you for helping me!

 It was one of the proudest moments of my time here at Georgetown!"

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