“I grew up in El Salvador and came to the United States in 1983 as a refugee. I escaped from the El Salvadoran Civil War. Back then I was only 17 years old and I had to serve by force. I was in my first year in college when I got drafted! I didn’t even have a choice, they took me by force to the army. As soon as I got drafted, I thought about how to escape. It was a horrible experience. Many of my uncles, cousins and friends back home got killed because of the war. What I regret the most is that I couldn’t even say goodbye to my family..

I escaped over night. When I came to the US, I struggled to get by. I didn’t speak English very well and I faced a lot of discrimination because of it. I remember how those years went.. I felt like I was all alone. That’s why I try to go out of my way to talk to all different kind of students here at Georgetown – students from all over the world. I know what its like to feel discriminated against because of the way I talk and the way that I look. But in the end of the day we are all human beings. We are one human race... We don’t come from different planets."

The next time you see José or other Food & Service workers - take the time out to say hello and spark up a conversation! Every unsung hero has a story, we just have to take the time to listen and show a level of acknowledgment.

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