"I've learned how to be happy with what I have. I’ve learned that you don’t need to pursue a "career job" or a [formal] 9-5 to be happy. Because you can have that dream job or make a 6 figure salary but still be miserable. 

It’s very interesting because I have a college degree and people are surprised that I work here! I realized that not everyone is meant to have a “career job” and that sometimes you just need to go where your passions [lie].

 I've realized that I’m happy here with the students. I pretty much know all of the [students] that stop by -- either by their [favorite] Starbucks drink or by their name! You guys keep me young and motivated to come here."

If you get a chance to stop by Georgetown University Starbucks, be sure to wish Elonda a Happy (belated) Birthday!

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