Anthony "Tracy" Smith, Crosswalk Guard at Georgetown University Hotel & Conference Center


"I believe that God will always put you where you need to be. He told me that I need to be here. 12 years ago, my father got killed in a crosswalk.. he was just a pedestrian. He got killed in the North East DC – between 6th & Florida Avenue. My dad worked at the market as a Meatman - everyone used to call him Mr. Sam. He had good character, made people smile, was a hard worker, and everybody liked him.


I do this job for [my father]… this is where I need to be – keeping everybody safe. And just knowing that gives me more energy and a brighter smile.


The students talk to me about what it’s like to be away from home and be independent. They come to the crosswalk, and If they look like they’re having a bad day, I always tell them to smile! A SMILE IS FREE – It costs nothing! And then I tell them that their smile is worth more than money and gold.."


The next time you see Tracey or other unsung heroes on campus, spark up a conversation and thank them for their service to our GU community! Every Unsung Hero has a story - we just have to take the time to listen and show a level of acknowledgment

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