"Throughout the years that I've worked here, I've noticed that time management and procrastination are two things that a lot of students struggle with. They push off the work, then they get backed up, then they rush to finish it, but by then it becomes a crisis.. I've seen students stay up all night and get depressed because of the workload. Working as a guard in the library, I’ve seen it right in front of my eyes... Personally, I also need to sleep more.. I need more “me” time. Sometimes I cut myself off from everyone else, turn off the phone and just pray & meditate. I need to work on myself. I feel bad about it sometimes because naturally I'm not a selfish person but because of the lack of sleep, I struggle with eating right and I haven’t been exercising as I used to. But I'm trying to get into yoga and change my diet.. Trying to take the right steps."

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