"There is a side of Washington, D.C. that a lot of people don’t know about and where tourists won’t go. I’m talking about the north-east side and south side of DC. It’s like a jungle man, everything there is backwards.. I’ve been involved in multiple gun fights throughout my life... 

From my freshman year to my senior year in high school, I've literally faced death twice. I've even had a gun to my face point blank... it’s crazy because if you really know me, you’d know I hate violence.. I have always been the peacemaker throughout my life. In my old friend group, I have always been the one breaking up the fights - which is what got me in those situations in the first place. I kept bad company around me.

 Even now I thank God for sparing my life.. I want to grow up to be 100 years old and be positive role model for my kids even though my dad was never one to us.." 


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