"Sometimes when I see the students sneezing and coughing, I go downstairs to make them some hot tea with honey and lemon packs..I tell them to get lots of rest and I pray that they get better the next day. I like seeing the kids happy. I give some of them birthday presents and Christmas presents and If I could afford it, I’d give a gift to every one of them. 

There used to be an employee appreciation board on the wall and the kids would always put my name on the board and write really nice things about me. Sometimes they text our managers and tell them that we make their day better. That's the kind of thing that keeps me here. It always comes back to the students. I've been here for over 40 years already and I treat them like I would want someone to treat MY child if they go away to college.

 When they come to campus for the first time, they’re afraid because it's a new environment. I always try to encourage them to never stop learning and growing.."

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