"I don't have much of a big hope for myself. I only hope my daughter can find a good husband to marry, to have a happy family, and that they will treat their parents well. That will be enough for me. Just like many new immigrants from China, we had a big dream that we could make a fortune when we came to America; the dream shattered after we arrived. The reality is that we have to work long hours day and night long, mostly in a restaurant. We work so hard, but only get by. So now I’ve adjusted my hopes to have a stable life. That's good enough for me. I don't have too many things to think about."

也没有什么大希望吧,我就希望我的女儿找到一个好先生,有一个幸福的家庭,善待父母,这样就好了。像许多中国移民一样,梦想着来美国的时候要赚很多钱,来 到后才觉得不可能。移民来到这里从事的大多是餐馆行业,每天都要工作十几个小时,很辛苦。所以我现在对自己的工作现状很满意。过的好就可以了,只要每个月 收支平衡就足够了,我不会去奢望其他了。


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