"Georgetown is a relatively safe school. However, we are an open campus so things can definitely happen that we may not expect. Within the first 6 months of my time here, we had the armed robbery suspect that my team had to apprehend. One of the Georgetown students left the business school and was on his way to the Leavey center to get some coffee when he was approached by 2 individuals. The student was held at gunpoint and the individuals demanded credit cards, money, phone, everything... I was the initial officer that took the report. We sent out the Hoya alert email to all students. The next afternoon, I got a tip from a student that the suspect was right outside of the Credit Union wearing the same clothes. So we had officers wear plain clothes and approach him with caution.. Once we were able to get the innocent bystanders out of the way, the officers approached the subject and got him in custody at which point they recovered a loaded firearm.The most important thing is that no one gets hurt. This kind of situation is not very common but these things do happen every once in a while and we have to always be ready. That’s why I love this job. Yes we are in uniform, yes we have a badge on, and yes people think that we look grumpy sometimes. But deep down we really just want to keep the students safe."

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