“I am grateful to the students for everything that they did for me [to raise the money] and making it possible to see my family. I've been thinking a lot and I don't think that right now is the best time to travel back home to South Sudan. There is a lot of problems going on over there right now and I may be safer here in the United States this year. 

But when the time comes and I am ready to go, I will get in touch with my nephew down there and set everything up. I need to call him to help arrange the trip. New things are coming..I turned 64 years old recently and soon I will have to decide if I want to stay here or go back home to live after I retire. I don't want to retire for a while so I still have some time to think about it.."


** With a goal of raising $2,000 for round trip tickets to reunite Suru with his family after 45 years, we raised $6,031 ($5,458 after Gofundme’s fees) - which will strictly be used to support Suru’s trip. The Unsung Heroes team will put his funds in a separate account and will work with him whenever he is ready to prepare for the trip. Stay tuned for our next #UnsungHero update with Oneil Batchelor!

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