“ I had a student come to me once. She had lost her debit card and it was right at break so kids are getting put out of the dorms. And she didn’t have any money, she panicked, she came here and asked if anyone had found her debit card and I said ‘where’d you lose it?’ she said she thought she’d lost it on 23. I said it would have never made it back here. Now she’s upset, crying. So I said ‘call your parents. Let them know.’”
“So she did and I talked to her Dad…and I asked him ‘What does it cost for her to get home?’ And so I said ‘Well why don’t I give her 200 bucks and that’ll get her home, and you can just write me a check and just send it back to me.’ And he said ‘You’ll do that?’ ‘Pshh yea, consider it done.’ … I would want someone to do the same thing for my kid, treat her like part of the family.”

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