"I just like to come here and then do my job and interact with the kids. The kids are the most important thing to me. I love talking to them and being around them. Sometimes I can feel bad at home and when I come here and I see the kids that I talk to every single day, I see them and talk to them and I feel better, they always seem to make me feel better.”

“I never had kids of my own but I did adopt two kids, they’re actually twins…my sister and I co-parent them…one of the twins, he’s autistic. The girl I see going to WashU or some college, she’s really smart and so advanced.”

“I love the kids; I call all of the kids my kids. And a lot of kids if you ask them say ‘Ms. Donna calls everybody her kids.’ And I fuss at them like I’m their mom sometimes, you know, ‘do the right thing, go study!’…I cried when my kids graduated, I was so not cool with that. But they gotta go, you know you go here for four years and that’s it.”

Thank you Donna for treating the students like one of your own! And most of all thank you for being our Unsung Hero!Follow Unsung Heroes of WashU to learn more about the heroes who keep Washington University in St. Louis' campus running behind-the-scenes!!

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