How did you start working here?

"You know, it’s been a long time on this campus for me, and I’ve seen a lot. I’m 62 now. I used to live in Lanham Mill in Prince George’s County. Then I moved here to College Park. This is my first job. I was young when I came down here. Never looked back...Every morning around 6:30 I’m here. While you guys are sleeping, I’m up, ready to go. I punch out 5 minutes after 4, then go home. Just an everyday thing. Come into work, then go home. That’s me. I’m up here working all day until it’s time to go home...It’s pretty good, it’s alright. It’s a job. It pays the bill. Everyone’s friendly."


How do you like the way campus has changed?


"It’s alright. It’s not like it used to be. I like it now. But it changes. Renovating of the whole dorms and everything...In Kent Hall there used to be a lounge in the hall, right there in the basement and old lounge. And in PG [Prince George's Hall] there used to be a big lobby with a glass door. Everything stopped since then. In the eighties is when everything stopped, and they built all this stuff. Resurrected. They tore everything apart didn’t they? Everything. I don’t understand how I do it, but I do it. I mean you can see that it’s not like it used to be. They’ve got different steps in there now. They’ve got different stairwells.”


"...Good ol Calvert. You can see the doors are different. Different doors, different numbers. They had to do it cause they found asbestos in this building. They had to close it, and they made it like this. Now it's different, and it is what it is. It's more quiet... Not the same, but it has to change. Can’t be the same like it used to be, believe me. Everything changes. But I like it, it’s okay. Keeps me happy. What else am I gonna do? It’s good around here, it’s quiet…..


[Campus has] All changed. Believe me it has."


Have the students changed at all?

“A little bit yes. Not throwing beer on the steps anymore. They used to do that and play with the fire extinguisher too. Well, times have changed. Gotta just keep on moving. That’s it.”


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