"My childhood was very regimented, very strict because my father was a military man, and he came from a long line of military men. He is such a hard-working man. His first job after the military was at the post office, and he said it was too easy. I developed my strong work ethic from him, but my mom also made sure we were always working, doing something. She wasn’t the stay at home type she was ambitious."

"Getting this job here at WashU was the job I had to persevere for the most. I had to stay in touch with the woman who I interviewed. I called her every day and she said to me one day, 'I’m going to have to give you a part here, so you won’t call me every day.' I knew this was annoying but I also knew that constantly reminding her of my presence would help."

"My mom and dad taught me a lot, but the biggest thing I got from them was perseverance. No matter what the ideas are, no matter what the road ahead looks like, keep going. Don’t stop. Doors won’t open for you; you have to open them."

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