“I’ve worked for WashU for twenty years... For me to be here for twenty years it has to be a great job. I like my job and I enjoy the friendships that I make with the students. Some of them stay here one year and end up coming back, staying here two or three years, so I’m comfortable with them and they’re comfortable with me because they know me.”


“I’m from St. Louis Missouri, born and been here all my life. I got married and had two children, I have three grandchildren…a granddaughter, she’s six, and two grandsons, they’re eight and nine. I spend my weekends with my granddaughter. I help my daughter plan her wedding, she’s getting married October 7th.”


"My mother was with me [in my childhood] the whole time, my father was there for part of my life. She took great care of us being a single mom, she had five children so that was hard. She always taught us to do our best... [She] kind of struggled trying to take care of five children alone, so my oldest brother actually left when he was a teenager and went to the military. He was around seventeen or eighteen.”


Thank you Denise for being such a hardworking and caring Unsung Hero! If you see her, she loves making connections with students! She also wants students to remember to “Just be humble, stay respectful, smile and say hi!”

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