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Umberto “Suru” Ripai, Food & Service Worker at Georgetown University at Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall

“I was born in Southern Sudan. I left my country in 1965 and spent 21 years of my life living in west Africa – especially in Liberia. Life here [in America] is nice… I really miss my home. I haven’t been back to Southern Sudan in a long time – almost 45 years.. I have been here at Georgetown for over 20 years now. One of my favorite memories here at Georgetown was attending the Abissa show on campus.. They have a showcase every year that really reminds me of my home country. When I went to the show, the students were so happy to see me! It brings tears to my eyes when I watch the students dance and celebrate our culture.. just to share my identity and reconnect with some of the students and get in touch with my culture again ..makes me see that this is my home now..”

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